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    Glaucoma Surgery

    Expertise in Glaucoma

    Since 2001 Dr Perrott has been the lead clinician at the Glaucoma Unit at Groote
    Schuur Hospital. He undertook super-specialist training in glaucoma surgery in the UK and is involved in glaucoma training of registrars at UCT.
    In this role he has developed enormous experience in managing severe and advanced cases of glaucoma. He is one of the few ophthalmologists that specialise glaucoma surgery to this level and many of his colleagues refer their difficult cases to him for management.
    Dr Perrott is certified to use the very latest glaucoma laser and drainage devises.
    If you have glaucoma Dr Perrott will be able to guide you through your treatment options and individualise your care to ensure the best possible outome.

    What is glaucoma?

    Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases which result in damage to the optic nerve and cause vision loss. It is the second most common cause of preventable vision loss after cataract. There are no early warning signs of glaucoma so it is recommended that everyone is screened for the disease around the age of 45, particularly if you have a family history.
    Most of the time glaucoma can be managed with a combination of drops and laser, however, in more resistant cases an operation may be required. Dr Perrott is able to offer all modern glaucoma interventions including micro-stents, tube shunts and laser.

    If you are worried about glaucoma Book an appointment now.